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Five Days at Frieze

While still an art student, Liam worked as an assistant for Amsterdam gallery Annet Gelink. During his work shifts at Frieze Art Fair, he couldn't help noticing the girl working at the booth right in front of his.
He used his mobile phone to take pictures of this girl, unnoticed, throughout each one of the five days the fair lasted. The result is a collection of images that reflect the activity taking place at the booths during such an art fair, besides being a voyeuristic self-portrait of the artist himself—a reflection from the booth in front.
With a text by gallerist Annet Gelink (Liam's employer back then), titled 'Never ask an artist to be your gallery assistant'.

Offset, 17 × 22.5 cm, 256 pp.
Co-published with Lecturis Uitgevers
First edition 800


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