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Centerfold Editions is an independent publishing project born in The Netherlands in 2012 and run by Xavier Fernández Fuentes, aiming to focus on artist's multiples, short-run editions and specific printed matter.

Centerfold Editions works in close collaboration with artists throughout the editing and design stages, and outsources high-end collaborators for its (re)production means.

You can follow our updates through our Facebook page.

Website programming by Thijs Gadiot
Photographs by Kamila StehlikLiam Tickner and Otto Kaan

If you're interested in carrying our titles in your store,
please contact us: orders@centerfold–editions.com

—Printed Matter, New York
—limArt, Tokyo
—Le Bal, Paris
—Section 7 Books, Paris
—Motto Books, Berlin
—Ti Pi Tin, London
—STET Livros & Fotografias, Lisbon
—Lugemik, Tallinn
—Köenig at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
—FOAM Fotomuseum Amsterdam
—Athenaeum Boekhandel, Amsterdam
—Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam
—San Serriffe, Amsterdam
—LhGWR, The Hague
—La Central del MACBA, Barcelona
—Laie CCCB, Barcelona
—Llibreria Múltiplos, Barcelona

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